Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising and Management

What is Facebook Management?

Facebook management is when you market your Facebook business page by creating posts on your business page or by buying Facebook ads that can target potential clients to drive traffic to your site or purchase products.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising is a paid-for approach to target potential leads that may or may not currently follow your Facebook page. However, based on Facebook’s data, you believe this audience could potentially convert into a customer. With Facebook marketing, you can choose to boost your previously published Facebook post, or you can choose to create a Facebook ad.

How can I utilize Facebook Management?

We recommend developing a marketing strategy that consists of creating posts on a consistent basis. Creating a social media calendar is a great way to ensure you stay socially active on your Facebook Business page.

How can I utilize Facebook Advertising?

A Facebook advertising campaign will allow you to target a specific audience to raise your social media effectiveness. Targeting options include gender, age range, location, demographics, interests, behaviors, custom audiences, platforms, placements, devices and budget. Keep in mind the more specific you define your target audience, the smaller your ad reach becomes. Once you determine a targeting strategy, Facebook will provide estimates for reach and link clicks.

We look to reach more than your followers, we utilize both approaches of creating Facebook posts and creating Facebook ads. Your current Facebook following may be large enough and targeted enough to where you just need Facebook advertising. If you’re seeing a lot of traffic, comments, likes and engagement on your Facebook page, keep it up! However, if it feels like you’re posting to a silent audience, it might be time to incorporate Facebook advertising into your social media strategy to gain a larger reach.


We have created high performing Facebook ads – for large enterprises and small businesses alike.

Dedicated Strategist

Get an experienced Facebook strategist as your direct point of contact to ensure success.

On Brand

We create Facebook ads tailored to your brand, making sure it fits with your marketing material and style guides.

Facebook ads that work

Click By Click Social Media puts a clear focus on designing and optimizing high-performing Facebook ad campaigns to help you build brand awareness and connect with new customers. Through market research, customer segmentation, and expert design we will create a campaign for your company that will exceed management and shareholder expectations.